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Your post began and ended with the assertion that the ND was Glock related. I therefore naturally assumed that the point of your post was that the ND was Glock related and responded appropriately.

The fact that YOU personally do not own pistols that have this feature is not evidence that this is a Glock issue, it's only evidence of your buying preferences.

In reality the need to pull the trigger for disassembly is NOT exclusive to Glocks nor did it originate with Glocks. There are other gunmakers that make pistols that require the trigger be pulled for disassembly. Your list conveniently contained two of those makers. At least one of those manufacturers was making a gun that required the trigger be pulled for dissassembly LONG before Glock pistols came on the market.

So, while the ND could be construed to be related to the need to pull the trigger for disassembly (in reality it's the result of not following simple safety rules), trying to imply that is a Glock issue (rather than a design issue shared by several products by several manufacturers) is even more incorrect.

The point is that NDs are almost invariably the result of violating very simple safety rules, NOT the fault of the equipment involved.
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