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HD and Retention

I have Crimson Trace sights on my carry pistol (FEG 9HP) and I'll admit that I too felt lasers were gimicky, but I did some rersearch.
CT is integral the the grips - the activation button is "right there" on noth sides - instant on/off.

the battery just keeps going - I live away from other foks (and got no ol' lady) so I "play" as I see fit - and after a LOT of playing around and practice pointing from the hip the batery is still stong after 9 months.

I, also, agreed w/ Pax. Lasers are no substitue for compentency.

However a couple of additional points:
1. I wear glasses - but only to see, not to sleep. Sights are useless to me
without my glasses (re: Glasses, refer to Murphy)
2. CT comes in sighted in at 50 ft.
- you may have trouble explaining why you were in a gunfight at 50'
at that range SD is E&E - the Bad guy is no longer a direct threat,
Bear in mind this is self defense, not the Nationals - COM!
3. Last and most importsant in my mind, is RETENTION! Your HD gun is worse than useless if the BG takes it away from you (new a girl once hwo had worked in a Vets (animal doc) office, she tired to use a broom to 'shoo' a chimp back in to his cage - he didn't like the idea and took the broom from her and beat her with it).
In the various SD handgun classes I have taken (&reading I have done), taught by the the guy the designs the C O F for the state law enforcement, Weaver or a variation of Weaver is taught. However, if done correctly, at self defense range (3 to 15 ft) it places your handgun 2 to 3 ft from your person and above your center of gravity. This makes your pistol/hands/arms a very nice lever to throw off your balance and disram you (my old army Hand to Hand Combat FM shows a varity of ways to take a handgun from a person within self defense range). My point is that using the Weaver, as we are taught, presents our pistol to the BG so we can be disarmed and enter into a wrestling match with he BG. Using the CT grips in a dark house, w/out my glasses of course, I can see where the bullet will go while my sidearm and gun hand are "locked" against my hip bone. This steadys the pistol and keeps it away from the other guys hands.

Additionally, for non lethal HD a SURE FIRE should do it - don'y have one yet, but was silly enough once to glane (indirectly) at the yhing at a gunshow. I was instantly queasy and had a headache for the next hour. I don't know what it would do to a BG in a dark home whse eyes have adjusted to the dark. I imagine the BG would vomit.
re: use in rain / fog. Sure the beam will be visible to you and the BG, but the beam will be visible to you and the BG - that is to say there will be no doubt on anyones part where the bullet will go - kinda like the the internationally know sound of a shell being jacked in to an 870. Your cover is blown, but your cover is blown,. Savvy?
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