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I know of no police or military firearms instructor that teaches you to handle the weapon as you did. I see no reason to drop the hammer/striker and several reasons not to. Reconsider your method of storage. Your hunting experience isn't helping you in this case.

Someone else mentioned administrative procedures for unloading. My agency is taught to do the following:
1. Drop the magazine.
2. Rack the slide five times.
3. Lock the slide back.
4. Visually inspect the chamber.
5. Physically check the chamber.
6. Show it to a buddy on your left and then a buddy on your right to verify. (At home you don't have a buddy, so check it three times. Count in your head and say "it's clear" or "it's empty" each time.)

PS I won't admit to doing something very simliar with a 22 rifle when I had a clean face and couldn't buy beer.
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