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NO dog is naturally mean or prone to attack.
Much as I love dogs, that simply isn't true. With the massive amount of poor breeding that goes on with dogs, breeding for narrow heads in working dogs, for example, like dobermans, pitbulls, rotts, you get bad dogs. While I firmly believe the breeders should be shot on site, the rest of humanity considers dogs property, not people, so, the dogs suffer.

Been around a couple dogs that were just flat out killers. Bouvier(SP?) for one, and, the owner had to put it down...
First and foremost, the Bouvier is a herding dog that possesses certain inherited instincts. It will be the owner's responsibility to channel these traits positively.

The Bouvier -- a versatile, intelligent and agile breed -- is not a dog for everyone. By virtue of its size and strength, it is essential that the owner be capable of providing the dog with kind and consistent training.
It's an 80 pound, lightning quick dog that charges with the bob and weave instincts of Archie Moore. The owner knew dogs, but, this one was too much, and, had to be put down. He went to nice, loveable rotts after that...

This might explain how the breed became as it is:
The Bouvier originated in Flandres. These Flemish farm dogs were influenced by Dutch, Belgian, French and American breeding. Bouvier is French for "cattle worker."

The breed was strongly influenced by both world wars. Many dogs were lost because of limited food and poor living conditions. They became military dogs at this point in their history.
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