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actually I would have preferred to hit the dog

Keltyke - actually I would have prefered that the dog was injured or killed. That way there would not have been much possibility of my bullet hitting something else on ricochet. As I said, I wish the bullet's energy was absorbed by the dog's chest. Also, that was a very dangerous dog running loose. I would have preferred to end its threat to others as well as me. I just found an article put out by the American Veterinary Association. It said there are 4.7 million dog bites each year in the U.S. 5% of emergency room visits are from dogbites, it said. Children are most frequent, followed by the elderly and mailmen. I hate to think of that dog going after a kid. I do not care so much that it was a boxer/bulldog type as I care that it was big and vicious. I would not go talk to the owner. I have been threatened by dog owners as their dogs are roaming off their property and harassing me. The best thing for the public safety would have been if I hit the dog.
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