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I work for a "large" (for AL) County SO, and we have a part time team (15-20man).
what is involved in getting on with a departments SWAT team?/ how would one go about getting on with the SWAT team?
Min 2 years with the department, pass the PT test, shoot a 90 with pistol and patrol rifle. Then we have a pretty tough tryout (4-6 hours) with PT/ stress scenarios, call out type scenarios, a team/ group scenario, and finally an interview with the team. Then there is a psych exam and approval by the admin. As mentioned above, glory ho's don't last long, whiners don't last long, and the lazy don't seem to stay around long either. It definitely takes a bunch of committed, dedicated guys, that only want the best for their jurisdiction, team, and each other.

Does every PD or SO have some form of a SWAT team?
Not around here. Out of about 10 agencies in our county, I can only think of 3-4 that have teams. All of the other agencies call us when they need a team, but we are fighting for the construction of a county wide/ multi agency team.

exactly does your every day 40 hour work week go?
Our team is made up of guys from Patrol, Investigations, and the Drug task Force. Team duties are in addition to regular duties, and involve 2 days of training per month, 3 if you're a sniper.

what does it mean to you to be part of a SWAT team? Is it worth it?
It means being with and part of the best group of guys (hopefully) your agency has to offer, and it means dedicating yourself to others when stuff gets really bad. The previous comment about 99.5% boredom and .5% terror is so so true. We've been called out more times just to get there, suit up, and then get cancelled than we have to actually do something, and call outs only happen when you already had something else planned. Is it worth it... ABSOLUTELY!!!
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