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A guys pit bulls were loose in a park.Chewed up a girl.This nut said it was the bicycles.Real sweet dogs,just don't like bicycles.
I see a trend starting with a couple of posts, so I'll stick my .02 in. Let's not be "bully breed" bashing, cause it just ain't true.

NO dog is naturally mean or prone to attack. The ones who do that are trained to or allowed to. It doesn't have to be a large dog to "mess you up quick". I've seen terrible injuries from something as small as a wiener dog.

ANY dog can be dangerous if you encroach on its territory, frighten it, or give it the "chase" signals.

FYI, I know from where I speak - I own a pit/sharpei mix that's as harmless as a butterfly, and I know of others.

So, that out of the way...I'm glad you weren't injured and I'm glad the dog wasn't, either. You might want to try and find out who owns it and talk to them about the incident.

As for the distance/time one will ever know how close the dog was or how fast you drew - that's lost in the swiftness of the incident. Things like this are often viewed after the fact in slow motion - you see every little detail clearly, but the time frame is distorted.
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