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I was attacked by dog and shot

I had a major dog confrontation recently. It was a large muscular dog, maybe 90 or 100 lbs, some sort of boxer/bulldog type. I was walking at night along a sidewalk in town. I turned to see this Hound of the Baskervilles running directly toward me, taking a long angle across the street. It was maybe 60 or 70 yards away when I first saw it, but running fast. The only noise I heard was the sound of its claws clattering on the pavement. I had pepper spray in my pocket, but I did not even consider that. I did not really plan ahead that I would shoot. I thought about the bright light that I had, but realized my battery had drained. By the time I considered my situation, the dog had almost completely closed the distance. As I said, I did not think to draw or shoot. However, when it got to within 10 feet and did not slow down, my instincts took over. I suddenly realized it was not just trying to scare me. It still had not barked or even growled. The next thing I realized, I heard my gun go off. I had quickly drawn and fired without taking time for a careful aim. I simply did not have the time to line up sights, and I do not have night sights anyway. The dog stopped on a dime, turned and ran directly whence it came. It did not yelp, bark, or limp. I probably missed, although I suppose I may have hit it on top of the back or grazed it. I looked the next day for a blood trail but did not find any. I did find my one ejected casing. I think that dog would have killed me, or at least seriously maimed me if I did not fire. I do not think pepper spray would have had any effect. At best, the dog would have felt the effects of the spray 10 or 15 seconds after it had landed on me. It seems my quickdraw training paid off in that my hand went right to the grip, and I did not fumble for a proper grip. I fired one-handed as I had trained. I also realize that if I want to actually hit what I am aiming at, I need to use the sights. In this case, however, it happened too fast. Usually a dog will pull up short and stand there barking and growling. Not so with this varmint. I had been practicing a quick draw/fire followed by a more carefully aimed second shot. Interestingly, there was absolutely no acoustic trauma. It was a 9 mm. I had previously forgotten to replace my hearing protection after checking my target, and my ears rang for a while. It hurt. Not so when my adrenaline was pumping with this dog. I heard the shot, but it was not all that loud, and my ears did not ring. There was no temporary hearing loss at all. After I shot, I immediately called the police to report it so that I would not be in any trouble. After some discussion, the dispatcher said I could go home. One policeman met me there. He did not ask to see my gun, although he asked what type it was. I told him I was coming home from a gym, and he asked me which one. I wonder if he will tell them that I go there armed. He had two concerns. One I was also concerned about - where the bullet went. I told him I would have preferred a 12 guage in that situation, which would have limited that problem, but it is not practical to carry. I of course would have preferred that the bullet's energy be absorbed by the dog's chest. I did not say this, but it was a case of a very low probability of downrange damage or injury in that area vs a near certainty of my being ripped to shreds if I did not shoot. His second concern was whether or not I had a permit from the state to live. By that, of course I mean a CCW permit. If I did not have that, then it would have been preferable in the eyes of the law if I had died, since my only way of escaping unharmed was to shoot. It really bothers me that I need to get permission from the state if I want to be equipped to stay alive. I need to practice more, so that my muscle memory will not only help me draw quickly, but so the first quick shot will have better accuracy. Other than that, I would say that it went okay.
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