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I can still replay the cartoon in my mind from over 40 years ago I might have been 15.I had just approached my first big game animal down.We loaded up the animal,and drove back to town.Was hanging it up to skin.
Handed my Rem 700 7 mag to my little brother,told him to take it in the house.
The I said "Come back here" I just felt like I should go through the "formality" of sending him in with an open breech.
I can still see that loaded 7mag round spinning through the air.I had just looked at what a 160 gr Sierra does to a human sized antelope when it hits shoulder.I approached the down critter rifle hot,then set it down.It rode home that way.
Sure,some of us are too perfect to mess up.Or some of us think we are,and just haven't gained enough experience,yet.
Do eveything right,and still,never forget a death ray comes out the muzzle.
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