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I have to agree with Glenn...


I am but a young novice, and would not normally disagree in public with a moderator, but your recent statement is just ridiculous!

Have you considered spending the money you were going to blow on a new rifle and the assorted spare mags and ammo (because you were going to buy at least ten mags and a case or two of ammo, right?) and use it for an Urban Rifle course at TRO, instead?
Training? DUH! that's what different guns and gear are for! who needs to know how to use a tool effectively when you can just own a bunch of them? I own at least 12 hammers, and I believe that makes me a master carpenter!

Now, before I get squished like a bug. I'm obviously being heavily sarcastic. Training by a qualified instructor where class size allows one on one interaction is amazingly effective / beneficial. Cost is a consideration which is why I have only been to one course. It taught basics and that is what I try to practice. BUT If I want to move beyond where I am, it is invaluable for a trained set of eyes (trained not only in the skill I am attempting to get better at, but also trained as a teacher) watch me and identify areas for improvement.

Now I don't think I would benefit enough to justify the costs in lost wages, travel expenses, and fee's.
How much does that new rifle cost?
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