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Have you considered spending the money you were going to blow on a new rifle and the assorted spare mags and ammo (because you were going to buy at least ten mags and a case or two of ammo, right?) and use it for an Urban Rifle course at TRO, instead?
Nope not now. I considered it years ago but I couldn't quite afford it. Back then I only had enough money to feed my ammunition habit with very little left over. That little bit went to videos and books. In that time however I have absorbed as much information on the tactical use of a rifle as possible including training with folks who have had the "formal" training. Now I don't think I would benefit enough to justify the costs in lost wages, travel expenses, and fee's. (please guys don't confuse my last statement with me thinking I know it all as has happened in other threads). A class will cost me over 2 grand easy. Based on what I've been told about the itinerary of some of these courses by friends......its mostly stuff I already do.

I thought this was the "tactics & training" sub-forum and not the "gadgets & gear" sub-forum...
I apologize if I posted the thread in the wrong place.
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