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I find it not unexpected that L&P was closed as many don't debate from a intellectual perspective, rather they approach it from an emotional aspect.

The irony is that many subjects that concern fellow members here on TFL are political and legal in nature.

I hope that there is a way to continue the L&P section of the forum and with the civility that we all deserve. It may be a bit much to ask but if one cannot respond to a particular subject with a modicum of objectivity instead of a predominantly subjective response don't post.

I am guilty of letting my emotions get the better of me. That was quite a while back and it was foolish on my part. Thanks to the reasonableness of the moderators here on TFL I am still a member.

A culling of the herd could happen and it would be deserved. That isn't our call as members on TFL though.
History is a freak show and a dark comedy. Mankind is a spectacle all to itself. Play your role, let the jesters play theirs. In the end...who has the last laugh?
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