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My favorite Walmart experience happened several years ago. I went back to the gun counter to pick up some 9mm ammo.

The clerk tried to talk me out of it. He explained to me how guns were very dangerous and no one should have those things.

He went on to tell me that he accidentally shot his wife with his gun. He said he was cleaning it and it just went off. They are very dangerous!

I couldn't help but laugh and I asked him if his wife bought his explanation. He looked at me like I just started speaking a different language. I told him that it has been my experience that guns are not dangerous, idiots are.

He didn't seem to like that comment very much. But, I think he wasn't so stupid that he didn't realize there wasn't a thing he could do about. We parted ways at that point.

I went home and reloaded enough 9mm for the next day.
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