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Frankly, it sounds like a bunch of vigilanties calling around, grabbing ball bats and stuff, and getting up a lynch mob to go after the BG. WE ARE NOT LEOS!!! Law enforcement and arrest/detainment are their job, not ours. We don't run around playing "cops and robbers". The ONLY reason we carry guns is for protection of life. You can NOT use that gun unless you are in fear of your life of severe bodily injury. The BG has to have means, intent, and opportunity.

sounds like you read a different story, or at east you read the same story poorly

a community in communication during a potential crisis is a good thing

being prepared to defend yourself is important, they were preparing

and defending yourself is your responsibility, i dont care if someone else gets paid to do it....
on top of that, the police had already been called

the mistake here was leaving the apartment, making himself vulnerable, to get a toy to use as possible protection. that's just bad judgment

at no point did he go out looking for trouble, nor did he confront anyone
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