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Maglight Rechargeable or Streamlight SL-20X?

Which does everyone prefer? If you have used/owned both, and you can give your input that would be best, but if you only have used one or the other, whats your opinion on whichever one you used?

Reason I ask is because Im asking for a new flashlight for my birthday. Ive wanted to pick up the SL-20X for awhile now, but never got around to it. There is an Army surplus store in my parents town in North Carolina, and they saw a Mag Charger for $95 brand new in there. It comes with AC and DC chargers, and my parents asked me how I felt about it. Ive never used the Mag Charger, but I have a 3 D cell maglight which ive used for a long time now, and I like the build of it. I know the Streamlight SL-20X is pretty popular among Law Enforcement.

Which does everyone prefer? What are the pros and cons of each? If I got the Streamlight, I would be getting it from Quartermaster for $129, and right now they have a special where you can get a smaller Streamlight pocketsize flashlight ($20 value) for free if you order any Streamlight over $70.
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