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Liability Insurance and SD Incidents:

I had a thread awhile back asking if anyone knew if liability insurance coverage for SD incidents, with firearms, is available. Seemed to be an area that was confusing for people with no sure answers on the thread.

But: I checked with my own State Farm Agency where I have homeowners and car:
I am covered under my present homeowners for such SD incidents (I assume only if you've not been convicted of a crime in such an incident), including those with guns, whether at home or elsewhere. At least that is what the office told me. (As an aside: I took out an umbrella coverage which increased amounts of coverage for liability for car and auto. Not expensive. I recommend this for anyone, SD or no.)

I am sure this is only for liability for civil actions, and not attorney's fees for criminal investigations or criminal defense. (I think the NRA offers some coverage for the latter though not in huge amounts.)

I also will check with my agent himself to make sure this is all true, (it was the office staff that told me), and post if I find anything different.

Anyway, FYI, liability being a serious issue in SD... Sounds like good news.
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