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lasers in the rain/fog/mist

"Unless your shootout takes place in a fog."
True. I've been curious about this for a while. It may be a small point but then, again, maybe not.
It was raining all day here in PA yesterday (and today, too). Last night was a good time for an experiment. Got out a firearm w. laser. Turned it on. In the mist it was a VERY visible beam (red). Put the gun down, laser still on, pointed up the drive way - a long driveway. Walked up the drive way, some yards off to the side of the beam - visible the whole way easily. Stood 90 deg. from the muzzle, only a couple of feet forward of the gun position. Visible easily. It was DARK out.
Maybe not important but now I know. I wouldn't be leaving the thing on for long lengths of time in a "situation", at least that's the plan, but you know what is said about plans. When it's on, under these conditions, it's a marker saying "here I am."
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