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Nobody is anonymous on the 'net.

it makes me nervous from a theft standpoint. When people post pictures of pricy collections I worry who might be eyeing them. You probably aren't as anonymous as you think on the internet.
I know a couple of webmasters and they have told me that they can track anyone that visits their sites. There is simple code that anyone can use that reveals the I.P. address of other people posting on a forum. There are databases that show billing addresses of those I.P. addresses. So, a bad guy that is tech savvy can look look at your pics in your post, capture your I.P. and then track you down and burglarize your home.

I also visit RV forums. Frequently, we get newbies that post questions like "Where would you hide your jewelry in your RV?" Stupid people reply with all their hiding places. Some RV's have built in hidden storage compartments and the stupid owners brag about it on the forums. Then later, someone posts that they were burglarized and the thief found their hidden compartments.

Use some sense, don't advertise to the scum out there that you have something for them to steal.
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