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Yes, it matters alot!
Yet, 80% of new rifles only bear on one lug and it is nothing but sloppy, unworkmanlike work!
It is said that all new rifles (and many, many surplus) only bear on one lug but that initial metal compression (set-back) will take care of this??
Well, would you like to know what the cause of inacuracy is? It's things like this and sloppy headspace!
You're trusting one lug to bear the total load of 53,000 copper units of pressure in your "new" rifle - this is unacceptable!
When looking at a rifle the very first thing I check is equal lug engagement!
This is why when we detail an action this is about the second thing we look at - the first being turned on a mandrel and facing off the front of the reciever ring slightly to get a perfect in-line barrel mount. Lugs can, and are, lapped very slightly but not enough to remove case hardening (such as in a Mauser) or in an alloy reciever like a Winchester, Remington or Savage, to name a few. But, after lapping the lugs you always adjust the headspace!
On a Remington, or any other "new" rifle to have to lap lugs is totally unacceptable!
Although I've seen many examples such as yours I would not own a rifle that had that condition. Modern 4140 steel properly heat treated will not compress enough to let that loose lug bear. Savage rifles are very good in this regard as the bolt head can "float" to some degree.
Harry B.
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