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way of course

Hey Stryker
FbI Yes they did buy 45. Confirmed purchase of 500 1911 style 45 autos.
Weather or not they were issued I am unsure.
Hey anonomousone
there are two kinds of people 6.5 Grendel and 6.8 spc.
there can be only one.
and yes it has been mentioned.
The biggest self defense situation I foresee is a "Katrina" Type senario.
If you didn't live in the affected are you will not understand.
Either gun would suffice.
Most adversaries would be poorly trained and unexperianced.
Most situations with thugs end when fire is returned.
Most thugs are cowards that feel empowered by weapons
I recently witness three young men run from a parking lot after approach a suv with a gun. The driver pulled his own weapon and started shooting first.
The three ran so fast they ran toward and past two police. The police caught two of them and the third about 10 minutes later when he returned.
the third man did not even see the police(crowded situation).
Any one can pull a gun.
It take a man to stand and shoot back.
It takes a fool or a cop to run towards the shot(sometimes both).
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