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I'd like to add my voice to the

"let it stand" chorus.

Yeah, the signal to noise ratio in a political forum can get pretty out of whack. This has been the case in every online political discussion I've been part of, going all the way back to the days of BBS's and FidoNet. I have seen more vibrant political forums killed off by exessive moderation than by under-moderation.

THough it has recovered well, and is likely more in line with what the site owners wanted (else they'd change it), I still think that the change over at THR was a mistake. The discussion there has become much more narrowly focused than here. As it stood, I think both perspectives were valuable, but I'm afraid that the mods here are running the risk of turning the on-line RKBA discussion into a monoculture, where there is not a widely-read forum for free expression of views on an set of issues which are deeply felt and intensely political.

The ideals of human freedom that form part of all of our devotion to the right to right to the means of force deserve a place of fullest expression. I have been gratified to take part in discussions here where my ideas, which, while they fully align with the purely RKBA portion of the discussion, are decidedly in the minority on other matters, can be attacked full-force by those who disagree. Such fora are, in my experience, rare. Too many online fora, even those I enthusiastically participate in, tend toward the "preaching to the choir" end of things.

Maybe a time-out until the election is done is the best option. Of course, as it's not my site, it's not my call.

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