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By making an inappropriate comparison.

Soliders and police officers go out to find bad guys and engage them at any time and place where they encounter them. Force is sometimes necessary and the bad guys sometimes use force in return.

Store clerks put things on shelves and sell lottery tickets inside a nice, safe store, with instructions to give any robber anything that the robber demands. There is no comparison between a store clerk and a police officer and/or a soldier.

But again, he already owned up to the fact that regardless of the job or any real "need", he just wants to own the stuff, and the fact that needs to be saving money because he's got a baby on the way is secondary.

That pretty much concludes the issue, doesn't it?
How is it an inappropriate comparison?

If we take out of the equation what person A is doing when person B wants them dead, and only look at the fact that person B wants person A dead, then it doesn't matter what line of work they're in does it? I know person A doesn't stop and go "But sir, I am only a convenient store clerk and it is not in my job description to be murdered today. Go find a police officer to gun down."

BTW, you're a hypocrite. Real NEED never exists prior to the situation where you actually NEED something. No CCW'er ever NEEDS their gun until they actually are in a situation to use it. Until then, it's something to make them feel better. No police officer/soldier/security guard etc... NEEDS a vest until someone actually shoots them. Otherwise it's something for their peace of mind. Should I not own guns because I don't NEED them?

Honestly I don't know why you feel the need to comment. I asked a question that you didn't have an answer for. That right there should have precluded you from commenting in general, of course not though, you seem like the type that has a hard time not commenting though.
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