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2. If a guy comes in to rob the joint, and he is intent on killing you, he's gonna shoot you in the HEAD.
What will I be doing when they're attempting this?

You know though, you're really right. That's a wonderful reason why cops shouldn't have one too. I mean, if someone wants the cop dead they'll just shoot them in the head right? Let's get rid of vests entirely and spend that extra money on something worthwhile. How about inmate reform programs? That way when the perp who wanted the cop dead decides he'd like to get his college education he can do that too.

Our troops shouldn't have them either. If the insurgents really want them dead they'll also just shoot them in the head. Let's spend that money on an outreach program to radical Islamic fundamentalists. I'm sure we'll make great inroads that way.

I vote for having this thread closed, honestly I wish I hadn't asked in the first place since my own research would have sufficed and very few people actually answered my original question.

how many of you who are not Military or LEO's own Body Armor, and which manufacturer offers the best mix of cheap vs. effectiveness?
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