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Don't get a vest to go to work in a convenience store! One of two things could happen:

1. If a guy comes in to rob the joint, and he only wants the money, GIVE it to him, and he'll leave. Let the cops hunt him down later.

2. If a guy comes in to rob the joint, and he is intent on killing you, he's gonna shoot you in the HEAD.

Either way, you're not going to get much use out of that vest, and it will be an EXTREME investment in money, sweat, and trouble.

Advice: Save your money, and buy the new baby some toys.
- Honor is a wonderful and glorious thing... until it gets you killed!

- Why is it that we fire 1,000 rounds and know that we need more practice, but yet we punch a bag 10 times and think we know how to fight?

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