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Well, flip. flip. flip. flop.

North of the 49th. IPSC shooters with Glock 34/s and 35's will find that they are not on the production list of approved guns; hence they become "standard' class guns. Phooooey. If I am shooting standard class, my Para P1640 is also standard class as it is a 1911 style. So, short answer to first part of my response is that I much much much prefer the Para P1640. I love it. Almost two thousand rounds through it. Dead accurate. Great to shoot. Not a single malfunction and the trigger is spot on for me right from the box. I just bought a second one for my 15 year old son who is also an IPSC shooter and we both shot our qualifier match last weekend without shooting ourselves in the foot. He used his 9mm Glock 34 Standard Division and I used my Para P1640 Standard Division. I want to get away from the Glock (for his sake) as I am leary of a gun without a 'real' safety or decocker (although with a decocker I've seen some with a 12 pound initial trigger pull). I am babbling.

For PRODUCTION division there are a ton to choose from and they are all on a nice neat list.... we have several and I am going to play with them all. Sig 226, Walther P99. Lots in 9mm and .40 for major class... And now I have seen a gun that I simply must have. Twice in fact. At the range I saw a fellow setting up the sights on his CZ SP01 SHADOW. Second target to verify the sights. He punched out the ten ring. One big hole. I have spoken to three fellow IPSC shooters who have been in the sport for some time, two are instructors. They both shoot the CZ Shadow for production in 9mm. And there go I and son Andrew.

So now we are set up for Standard Division, Production Division and then we have an eye on all of those lovely OPEN division guns, the STI's and SVI's and so on. With lovely red dot scope sights. Adjustable triggers. Or trigger jobs. (Had one guy nicknamed "Machine Gun Kelly" at our last match as his trigger job was a little TOO smooth. DQ of course. And then there is revolver division, for which we are already set up as well with S&W 686 from the custom shop with Witchita front sights and the whole nine yards.

Now... the question is... how the heck does one choose what category to shoot in? Truth is they are all attractive for various reasons. Not only that but we saw an IDPA match two weeks ago and I loved the looks of that too! Different holster is all we need as the Ghost holsters are not permitted. But I believe that any one of the firearms that we are using is okay for IDPA.

Our next investment is in the CZ SP01 Shadow. Two of them of course. And a kit of wee spare parts and springs and things. Will report back once we have played for a while but from what I see, even though they are made overseas, they are an outstanding PRODUCTION gun. 9mm is cheap ammo too.

The more experienced I get the more I realize I don't have a clue. We are going to start clearing out the gunsafe to make room. Lots of Kimbers and so on that we just don't use any more. Lots of guns that are as new. Now I understand why I am being told to take my time choosing what I want to use. Trouble is we are having too much fun.

P.S. Anyone living north of the 49th. should be getting out to vote.... we have candidates up here who have openly called for a total handgun ban in Canada and a ban on ALL semiautomatic rifles should they be given a majority government to do so. We need to give our present government a majority so they can do away with the gun registry, etc. Get out to vote and take a friend or two. It makes a difference in the land of "sheeple". We are seriously thinking in terms of moving back stateside (I am a dualie) if they make a grab for our handguns. And heaven help us if BO is elected stateside. Kiss the Bill of Rights goodbye.
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