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Thanks for everyone's comments and suggestions. After doing some more research, and talking to a police officer friend of mine I ran accross After taking some measurements and giving them a call they have some level II stuff for around $250 and some level IIIa stuff for around $350. About a weeks pay at the new job, and well worth it in my mind seeing as it's something I wouldn't mind having anyway.

BTW for those of you who suggested another job. Working by yourself at night anywhere can/is dangerous. It's amazing to me that people who feel the need to go around armed the majority of the time, and defend that decision to anyone who suggests it might be silly/uncalled for can turn around and ridicule a decision someone might make to offer themselves some level of protection should a worst case scenario happen.

Anyway, I'll get off my soapbox. I need to go shave my back so when I duct-tape the extra rifle plates to it it doesn't hurt as much when I take them off.
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