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First off, the BHP is not legal in production since it is SA. Personaly I love my CZ-75 for production. Sometimes for fun i bring it out and shoot it just for giggles to compare scores with my G35.

Dux, honestly some of the best "advice" I ever got about this sport is, "It takes a long time to get bad". Don't feel bad about second to last. I zeroed my first classifier because my CZ held 15 rounds and I saw no reason to reload six shots through a stage . Learn ALL the rules, talk to good shooters(you will know soon enough who they are) and HAVE FUN.

One final thing, if you want a certain gun-for whatever reason-buy it. If you do not, you will end up buying a bunch of cheaper guns that are just a little better than the last. My evolution was CZ-75, SA XD-40 Tac, Para 14.45 Limited, Glock 35, STI Open.

However, I do not always follow my own advice. Granted, I like to shoot Limited, and I realy wanted an STI Limited gun, I bought the open, because I knew eventualy I would want the open gun. For once I was right!
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