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I had an optima and it's current owner is very glad I sold it to him! The only reason I sold it was to purchase an T/C Encore so I could consolidate many guns into one.....then they came out with the Optima Elite right after I got my Encore!!!!!!! I wish I would have waited just a little bit longer! The barrels for the Optima Elite are much cheaper and fairly good quality (Bergara) I experienced very good results with Hornady XTP 240 sabots and 100 grns of 777 powder or pellets. I never saw a reason to load 150 grns? I'd say you should be able to get under 3" groups without a problem! When sighting it in one day in December, I broke the front sight in the frigid cold. I wasn't sure how it happened, whether I bumped it or if it was just the shock of the recoil in the bitter cold. I emailed CVA about a replacement and I explained that I wasn't sure how it broke. I said that I could have bumped it, but just wasn't sure? and they sent one for free! That impressed me also.
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