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I'm confused about something (surprise, surprise): how many moderators are there for L&P? I see four listed, but it sounds like the decision was made between two moderators, and that those two do most of the moderation.

Furthermore, how does the TFL owner feel about these issues? I haven't seen him post in a very long time it seems.

I do think that the moderators do an excellent, though unappreciated job considering volume and the season at hand.

Less rhetoric would be nice, but where there are politics there is rhetoric. I do think that before discussions of disciplinary policies, moderation styles, software changes, and other user input can be had for the "new and improved" L&P, the underlying purpose of or motivation for that forum must be determined. That determination must necessarily come from the leadership. It sounds like a new mission statement is sought here, though I may well be mistaken.
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