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Note, I am not saying the mods running L&P at present are not knowledgeable about it. I am not even saying they are not interested in it.

I am suggesting though that as much as they personally may know about L&P and as much as they may want to discuss it PERHAPS they simply do not want to Mod it?

You may like swimming. You may even be an Olympic swimmer. That does not mean though that you want to be the lifeguard at the community pool.

The same goes with modding. I am also speculating here so feel free to rebut. If the Mods do not enjoy modding L&P (which seems obvious given the situation) then perhaps looking for people of the proper mindset and inclination would be better. The L&P Mod need not even know how many Amendments are in the Bill of Rights as far as I am concerned as long as they recognize a personal attack against another poster, racist slur, or homophobic rant and stomp down on all equally no matter what position the poster is on and the mod prefers.
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