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Glenn E. Meyer
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I wouldn't miss L and P personally.

THR works fine without it.

I'm mainly interested in techy gun talk.

I don't care about politics on the coin collecting forum.

I do understand that discussion of gun rights and legislation is relevant but that opening can lead to the noise problem. However, if having such here leads to moderator problems - the core techy stuff suggests we let the politics migrate elsewhere.

IMHO - the core problems are folks who just want to fight in a rude manner and/or folks who assume gun forum political discussions must entail buying to an entire political agenda of one party. If you don't you are not worthy of being a gun person.

I try not to respond to L&P things unless I get outraged with things like:

"Why do you liberal )%)#(# like guns!"

"Why don't you Jew )_%(#+_% support the RKBA?"

or similar.

Realistic discussion of gun legislation and how to make gun rights party neutral is ok with me but I'm afraid the discussion would be hard to limit to such.

I'm ok with ditching the forum if need be.
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