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I am on the fence on whether a L&P section should even be part of a gun board. I almost think it does way more harm than good.

Ninety percent of the people on here can have a discussion or even an argument on valid topics and it does not go any further than bickering. It often ever goes from challenge to chest thumping and ends in light hearted banter. People do not take it too seriously and they realize it is not the goal of this board to be a political discussion group. They argue and bicker in L&P and at the same time interact happily in the other gun forums. That way the L&P part of their relationship is a small one.

Then you have the people who almost exclusively post in L&P. You start to wonder why they even visit a gun board since they never discuss firearms. These people are harder to deal with because you have no relationship with them outside of L&P. They tend to lurk and just wait to pounce on anyone that falls into one of their traps.

I personally have tried to turn several friends onto this forum and all have ended up saying "thanks, but no thanks" after lurking for awhile. They get turned off by the image that all gun owners are right wingers. It gets a bit trying to hit that "new posts" button each visit to the gun board and have yourself bombarded with "Obama eats babies" threads when you just wanted to discuss firearms. It is really not hard to see the slant since I get accused of being a "nazi" on the comics boards and the Disney boards but here I find myself always having to defend the person on the left from brazen attacks.

I have even sold guns to people on here who say they never post here because of the rampant right wing mentality.

It comes down to whether this is supposed to be a gun board where everyone is welcome or is it a place where only certain people are welcome and others can stay as long as they keep their mouths shut and do not respond to the rhetoric.
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