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There's a crucial difference between someone who goes into assault mode once in a great while but who otherwise makes valuable contributions and those who either enter in, and stay in, full assault mode while offering little else (they generally get booted pretty quickly) or those whom I prefer to call stealth trollers.
Agreed and distinction understood and apologies if I pricked your prickliness

It is clear I think that some of the current mods are simply fed up with L&P, which is perfectly acceptable. Modding L&P is very different than modding C&R. Just because someone wants to Mod a shooting site does not mean they have an interest in the L&P world.
I'm not going to speak for Al and Dave but I would note that if anyone here have shown an interest in L&P AND expertise, it's those two.

In fact, and not to be a buttmunch, as a law school grad, former bottom feeder and one who has briefed constitutional issues, the breadth of Als knowledge on constitutional issues is astonishing. I would add that several other members here, for laymen, are well learned in the substantive law (more on this at a more appropriate time)...

Thats what L&P needs...more law, less rhetoric....

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