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In the long run, and I understand that is NOT between now and November, I would like to see a free wheeling L&P forum where the ONLY restriction is on personal insults, racist statements and homophobic rants.

For that to happen you need what Mike Irwin described, more mods dedicated to keeping L&P running.

I think some clarification is needed on that point though, what is really needed are more mods dedicated to keeping L&P running and who want to do it.

It is clear I think that some of the current mods are simply fed up with L&P, which is perfectly acceptable. Modding L&P is very different than modding C&R. Just because someone wants to Mod a shooting site does not mean they have an interest in the L&P world.

Perhaps dedicated L&P mods can be found who the the current mods believe have demonstrated from their past conduct an levelheadedness to both advocate a position and fairly enforce the rules. Then they can approach those people to see if they are interested. Such people would WANT to mod such a forum, which is half the battle.

Spirited debate and discourse is the lifeblood of freedom. I hate to see it squashed here if it can be saved. I really prefer going to one site to see my two main interests, shooting and politics.
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