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"You know Mike, I hope you are including yourself in that because there is not one person on this Board who has not, at some point(except Dave and Antipitas) spewed vitriol in L&P"

Did I give any indication that I was holding myself above and beyond anyone else?

That question asked, I'll make a pointed distinction.

Yes, otherwise sane, lucid, and valuable members can, will, and have gone into assault mode. I'll freely admit and stipulate that I have done so, and that I tend to have an extremely prickly nature.


There's a crucial difference between someone who goes into assault mode once in a great while but who otherwise makes valuable contributions and those who either enter in, and stay in, full assault mode while offering little else (they generally get booted pretty quickly) or those whom I prefer to call stealth trollers.

Stealth trollers are those who make a habit out of stirring the pot just enough that they get others cranked up but at the same time its hard for mods/admins to point a finger and say "troll, thou art banished!"

Unfortunately, stealth trollers are, by and large, responsible for most of the problems on just about every forum I've been on. It can be tough to deal with them. We've had our problems with stealth trollers at APS, and it can take some time before all of the admins and mods agree that yes, he's a troll and needs to go.
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