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This entire thread is, I think, in some ways indicative of the problems facing L&P. Personally, I'm not one much for making an announcement of the kind that was made, and then inviting everyone (likely including many of the people who were causing the problems in the first place) to "come on in and talk about it."

You're not going to find any solutions from those people. Just vultures waiting to jump on a fresh carcass.

Oh well, my two cents.
You know Mike, I hope you are including yourself in that because there is not one person on this Board who has not, at some point(except Dave and Antipitas) spewed vitriol in L&P...and as one who is banned from L&P, I have no bone in this dogbowl, except my desire to see this place thrive since it is my social life, especially when its -20

I do agree with your solution to add mods, since folks do have lives outside the net.

There have been some excellent suggestions here, especially the point system.

Maybe I'll take a run over to the Politics Place (if I could remember my password).....

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