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Over at, they also run vBulletin (not sure which version, though) and they have a point system where if a mod warns you without assigning you points or if you earn points, you have a tally kept underneath your user name in the upper right corner. The warnings disappear after however long the moderator sets it for, the points are permanent. You're the only one who sees it, so others don't automatically shun you, but it is a sobering reminder to tone it down when someone says something to get your blood pressure up. I think knowing how close the mods are to banning you would improve discourse here. Also listing a problem child as "Permanently banned" vs. still listing them as a Member would show people what kind of behavior is not tolerated. While Rule #3 is clear in the minds of most members, some may not be so clear on what is acceptable and what is not. A way to see what is unacceptable may help them tone it down or decide to take their poisonous behavior elsewhere. Leaving up posts that caused a member to get banned with a note in bold red letters from the mod that that post had caused a member to get banned would also probably help. I mean, to this day, I have no idea why Handy got banned and he was a very knowledgeable member when it came to the design and functioning of firearms. Without knowing what he got banned for, it looks like a huge loss for the forum when it was probably for the best, but we have no way of knowing.

I must say, I joined right after the 2004 election and the quality of debate in L+P and the quality of posts as a whole on the forum has taken a nose-dive in the last year or so. I admit I have lowered myself to other people's level at times, but it is difficult to stay on the high road when you see others taking the low road with no obvious repercussions, especially when you are being ganged up on by a bunch of low road posters because your opinion is in the minority.
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