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First...I would just like to say I am sorry for...

being someone who got a little carried away on a couple of occasions. I have not been posting here all that long but I can say I thoroughly enjoy TFL and the folks here. I agree with Musketeer that the election has brought things to a boil. I believe we are facing a crucial time in our history in this election. And until it is over I do not think we will be able to have legitimate conversation on these topics. They are simply too volatile. I would like to see this opened back up in the future...perhaps around February of next year when hopefully things have settled down because it is a very stimulating place to engage in exchanging ideas and views.

Moderators...I respect your decision and as I had already told the Bluesman I decided this week to stop posting in this area due to the very things that have led to it being closed. I am ashamed of the way I have gotten carried away a couple of times and allowed the emotion to get in the way of sound judgment. To this end even if you choose to keep it closed permanently this will still be a place I come to for advice with rifles etc.


Melvin Gilliam

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