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First of all I would like to say that some of the reasons the 6.8 round was developed was because of the lack of effectiveness of the .223/5.56 in certain cases. There are units currently in Iraq that are trying to get their hands on M14's because of there effectiveness. Some of the BG's are taking multiple rounds of 5.56 and are still fighting back. yes they may not be 100% combat effective at that point but they are still in the fight. I currently own a FAL 16 inch barrel. I have a load bearing vest loaded with 6 20 round magazines and one in the case for the weapon. so 140 rounds of 308 that can be fired realatively quickly. To me its kind of the reason most Tactical police units are going back to 45 calibers. Knock Down. 9mm just doesnt cut it. I personally saw a incident where a police officer shot a person 6 or 7 times with a 9 mm and local officer that still had a 357 magnum put the guy down with one shot. If the crap hits the proverbial fan well you better have a small stock pile of whatever you use.
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