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Anyone want to get back on topic and suggest some viable alternatives to the morass that L&P had become?
To make things interesting:

1: Allow posting of threads which are closed to comment until the moderator has reviewed their subject material.

2: I've seen the three strike rule in other forums. In the header are listed the names of offenders with 1 or 2 strikes and then the offender is banned on the 3rd strike.

3: Add to the number of moderators. (Heinlein pointed out a half century ago the best way to stop the wolves was to make them into sheep dogs.) Or if you don't want to do that, start another class of user, the assistant moderator who has a half vote in closing a thread, or make all the senior users "junior deputies"...three junior deputies can vote to close a thread and its closed.

4: Allow users to "vote users off the island", ten votes gets a user banned. To make it more interesting votes could expire after 2 weeks and user-incited bans could expire after a month.

In a few years when the dust finally clears and people start counting their change there is a pretty good chance that President Obama may become known as The Great Absquatulator. You heard it first here on TFL.
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