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I remember pulling guard duty during Basic Training, and being issued a baton. One of the trainees asked the Drill Sergeant what to do if they had a gun. The Drill looked at the Private incredulously and said, "Son, if they've got a gun, you help them load the [sic] truck..."

Good advice, generally, but I still say it depends on who's holding the gun, and how close they get to me.

Martial arts training should be fundamental to any self-defense plan. Using a firearm is a martial art, too, but unarmed combatives should be trained.

No one is advocating "bringing a fist to a gun fight", but some times a gun is not available.

If someone sticks a gun into my face, or makes a mistake, that gun is mine. If they stay several feet away, use a close-quarter hold and generally look like they know what they're doing, I help them load the truck...

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