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A small man was in the bar. A big lout picked a fight with him and they went out back. Soon, the small man came back. The bartender asked, "How in the world did you whip that big guy?"

The little man replied, "Kung Fu, from China."

Another rather large man, a friend of the first, also picked a fight with the little guy. They went out back. Pretty soon, the little guy walked back in.

The bartender inquired, "OK, what did you use this time?"

The little guy answered, "Judo, from Japan."

A smallish man had been watching the goings on, and HE picked a fight with the little guy. They went out back and soon the third man came back.

"Wow," the bartender exclaimed, "The little man just whipped two men much larger than you. He said he used Karate from China and Judo from Japan. How did you beat him?"

The third man smiled and replied softly, "Monkey wrench, from Sears."
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