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threegun (or should I say Walter Smitty),

If you want to buy a friggin .308 in an AR type platform, just do it. Stop making up ridiculous scenarios to justify your purchase.

You live in Tampa (in an urban setting from your posts) for crying out loud. What are the chances you will really NEED a .308 to defend yourself? You are talking about shooting through cover and what not.

For your threats, you mentioned riots, looters, and gang attacks. When is the last time Tampa had a riot? Do you actually live close to the bad parts of town where riots typically occur? If so, saving your money and moving to a better area would be a much better option. As for the looters, are you really that much of a target? Looting normally occurs in grocery stores where people need essentials and then moves to non-essesntials when civil unrest sets in. I went through hurrican Andrew and I helped out during the recover efforts. I saw all that stuff first hand. Looters rarely go into residential neighrborhoods since that is not where the goods are concentrated. As for your gang attack scenario, have you done something to **** off some gang members? Are you the leader of a rival gang? What do you think your actual chances of being target by a gang attack are?

Like I said, buy whatever the heck you want to buy but don't make up ridiculous scenarios for it. If some antis stumbled across they post, it would read like most people here are gun nuts hell bent on shooting people. There is a difference between self defense and murder. Some of your scenarios blur the lines quite a bit.
Stephen, Missed your post sorry. I googled walter smitty thinking that you were poking at me.....but no I don't have alternate names........if the name was a sarcastic comparison to another.....please explain.

To answer some of your questions there have been 2 riots which were very close to home. In 1989 residents of College Hill projects rioted. I was dispatched to protect my grandparents and their printing business (same location). In 1996 St Petersburg was the scene of a riot after a white police officer shot and killed a black thug.

The mixture of minorities in low income housing seems to offer the greatest danger of riots in my area and as history has shown things can happen overnight.

My community is good. However recent changes in public housing have brought riffraff to my neighborhood in the form of government subsidized rent in a couple of apartment complexes in my area. Gangs and the threat of riot are very possible concerns.

Hillsborough county Sheriff David Gee just posted numbers about gang membership in Florida. At around 67,000 and growing every day. They plan a 7 month push to interrupt them but gangs have been growing despite the valiant efforts of LE.

Now that I have answered your questions please ignore my future posts if you are going to attack instead of contributing. My thread is title pros and cons of the 223 vs 308. If you feel it or my scenarios are silly ignore them. I was looking for educated guidance not approval.

There is a difference between self defense and murder. Some of your scenarios blur the lines quite a bit.
Shooting someone who is using cover while trying to kill me is hardly murder.
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