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At the local pub,there was a situation where a guy just wanted to fight people.There was couple,an alcholic drunk cook,and a 120 lb bartender.
The guy offended the couple,a rumble happened.
I stayed out of it a while,the guy from the couple was willingly participating.
And,the police were only minutes away.
At some point I hollered "Stop it" and the guy threw a punch at my head.I moved my head,so it slid off.
I'm 6'3" and 280 lbs.Not rock hard,but I've worked jobs like logging,tire busting,and working with steel.I'm not a marshmallow.I'm not a martial artist,but a brother is.I've been shown where the power in a punch is,and worked a heavy bag a little.
I figured I'd try to take his wind.From my back foot ,hip rotation,driving up and in I hit his solar plexus and tried to drive into his spleen.I did it three times and he just looked at me.I saw a small reaction in his eyes.He certainly was not disabled.
I had long hair and a long beard.I did not want to close with this guy.We mutually disengaged.He ended up with 7 misdemeanors and a felony.
Those pride fighting guys on TV know how to knock the stuffing out of each other,and they go on and on.
I am suggesting that if you think you can throw three or four moves and disable someone you may be disappointed in the real world.
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