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I am curious why you think my execution is unreasonable. All clients are informed, in writing, of the more stringent requirements and are free to seek certification from a multitude of other instructors.

Missouri law states that an instructor "shall not give a grade of "passing" to an applicant for a concealed carry endorsement who:

...(2) Handles a firearm in a manner that, in the judgment of the qualified firearm safety instructor, poses a danger to the applicant or others..."

While the state does mandate what information must be covered in training courses, including handgun safety and basic marksmanship, it does not mandate specific requirements such as length of time that must be devoted to any requirement. I have chosen to focus training provided on legal issues rather than trying to take someone from ground zero to competency in an abbreviated time frame. I feel this gives my clients a better overall training experience and provides them with a stronger base of knowledge from which to make judgments and decisions. As for more stringent requirements for a "passing grade", in my judgment, if someone can not complete my course with acceptable marks, they are not someone that I would feel confident in being able to manipulate a firearm safely in a stressful environment. I expect my clients to already posses skills that may require some polish, but to go from zero experience to a level of ability that I would consider safe for carry use is not something that is accomplished in a single day considering the amount of other information that must be covered in class. For those that are not familiar with firearms, I also provide both private and classroom instruction on general firearms safety and handling as well as defensive shooting. I have, on many occasions, provided basic instruction over the course of multiple range visits for people that fall in this category, at reduced cost, so that they are better prepared for my class.

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