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Modern Combatives

To restart the topic in an informative sense - there is a trend for H2H training that is not sport or intensive style oriented. It is not oriented for long drawn out fights but to escape, free yourself, and/or disable an opponent so that you can extract yourself from a bad situation. It is not based on cliches like kick him in the nuts (as in many circumstances, the physics of the situation precludes that).

A good example is

This not an ad for them, I do know the outfit well but have no interested in whether they make a buck.

If you read the description, you will see what I was talking about in the closed thread. Other outfits offer such and IMHO they give a solid base that is probably better for practical usage than classic martial arts.

Given that such techniques have worked, one would think it would be realistic for folks to know such. They have worked for men and women.

It is also the case that you may not have to get your gun out or have to be in a work environment that precludes carrying a firearm. It is also defensible that a person does NOT want to carry a gun. That is their choice and easy to posture about on a gun list.

At the last NTI, I went to - we were explicitly thrown into a good many situations where you did not have a firearm - no Green Lantern's power ring for you.

If you take such classes, you also realize that a disarm is a scary thing to do but it can be done if you know how. Is it better to know how? What do you think?
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