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"Well, maybe the other folks would like to explain how that steel flowed backward from the bullet strike since they say there was no heat involved. And where those molten lead drops come from when a .22 bullet strikes a rock since they say there is no heat involved. Actually, you get an even more impressive "splash" when the bullet doesn't penetrate, so all its energy is converted to that heat that doesn't exist. Try a 1/2" or 3/4" cold rolled steel plate instead of a 5/16"."

Plastic deformation.
You do not need to invoke heat at all.

Go smack a bullet with a hammer.
Now smack a piece of wood.

Both will show plastic deformation, and we know that would would burn if heat was involved.

At very high pressures even metal exhibits plastic flow like a very viscous material.

Tension demonstrations are a lot easier (and safer).
A steel rod in a tester will exhibit stretching and a slow reduction in diameter until the are cross section is reduced leading to catastrophic failure by fracturing.
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