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Take the forend off and see if the action spring and the rod that it goes over is rusty. If it is not rusty then look at the chamber. I am assuming the bolt face still has the entire extractor on it. When the chamber on this guns gets rusty. They will fail to extract the shot cartridge. If you shoot it long enough or when the chamber gets rusty enough. It will break the hook of the extractor off of the bolt face or break off a piece of the bolt face. I am assuming you are not shooting old or reloaded ammo. If it has a scope on it make sure the scope base screws are not too long and extending below the receiver. You can pull the bolt back and see the two front base screws. You will have to take out the trigger group to see the two back screws. If the firearm hasn't been shot in 15 years it could just need a good cleaning to remove old varnished up oil and powder residue.
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