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No matter the incarnation, any forum will degenerate into name-calling and mindless grandstanding.
I fixed it for you. Look through any forum on this board and you'll see these same issues. This is the internet, where the inability to get punched in the nose allows one to be an expert on every subject, and insulting to boot.

Assuming that eliminating L&P may have been necessary, it was a necessary evil. There was a lot of crap thrown around but there was also a lot of actual information coming through. The board has lost a major mechanism for disputing propaganda and myth.

How about a challenge test? If someone posts a "fact," they back it up. If not, it gets pulled. If they persist, they get pulled. If they make a personal attacks, they get pulled.

Frankly, this should be extended to every aspect of the board. If you claim that you are superior to someone else because you can put all 5 through someone's eyehole and thus don't need a highcap, you should be required to meet up at a range with a member and demonstrate it.
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