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I think de-invigorate considering the heated rhetoric.

While I agree with nate45 that the state of political discourse has fallen, I doubt that there was ever a golden age of reasoned discourse on this board.

This from 2000
Here's a fun thing to do at night while practicing your pistol skills. Tune in to the Clinton News Network (CNN) or CNBC etc.. Shows like larry King and Geraldo. You can even mute them if it churns your stomach too much. Take out your favorite pistol (make sure it's unloaded!) and dry fire at Larry, Heraldo, Al-Gore, etc...
Now as someone who was suspended one month for sarcastically calling Hillary Clinton a B!+ch, I wonder why a similar solution wouldn't work for people who are now using intemperate rhetoric.

Of course it's easier to patrol for bad words because they are self evident. The rhetorical violence of snark and innuendo is harder to judge. There are no hard and fast rules as to what bait is innocent and which is trollish. But that is a moderator's job.
The election's over in three months. Just give three months down time to offenders.

I'm a moderator on a board myself. We had lots of problems with the internecine warfare between Hillary and Obama supporters. After the primary was over the warfare ended. It will probably do the same thing here after the election.
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